Mushroom Grow Bag

Production Processes

Production Processes

1. Pile up the wood dust
The most important component of mushroom growing bag is wood dust. Generally, the regular wood dust comes from Taiwan broad-leaved trunks, such as Taiwan acacia, Quercusacuta...etc. The wood dust must be stored outdoor, turned over, piled up, water and exposed under the sunshine. It will take a month to ferment before the wood dust turning into a useful mushroom growing bag component.

2. Mixing components
The next step is to mix fermented wood dust which combines assisting materials such as rice bran, wheat bran and calcium. Wood dust plays the role of fundamental environment while rice bran, wheat bran provides the nutrition for growing. We also need to use calcium to adjust the pH level to create a suitable growing environment for mushroom. After all is done, add in adequate water before we start mixing all the components.

3. Pressed Packing
After mixing all the components thoroughly, the vibrating filter will screen out the bigger wood dust, sharper and harder material. Doing this can avoid the plastic bag been pierced and cause the fungus pollution increasing. We then convey the wood dust through production line to the semi-auto pressed packing machine. This machine can help us to push the wood dust into the plastic bag. Once the bag is full of wood dust, the workers will place a plastic ring as a propagating door. We then have to use cotton to stop the ring for keeping the air and reducing the fungus pollution. The semi-auto pressed packing machine can produce 30 packs per minute. The maximum productivity is 24,000 packs per day in RICHYEAR FARM.

4. High temperature Sterilized
The new filled in mushroom growing bag can not proceed for propagation immediately, because there are still numbers of microorganism and impure fungus will affect the mushroom growth. The microorganism and impure fungus can be eliminated completely by high temperature. The way we are using to sterilize in farm is steaming it up to 98C under high temperature and pressure for 9 hours in a row.

5. Cooling off
After the process of high temperature sterilization, the mushroom growing bag became very hot. It's not suitable to grow the fungus. That's why we need to place it for a while. We wait to propagate until the temperate cool down to about 25~30°C.

6. Manually propagation
After mushroom growing bag is cool down, we can propagate the spwan in the dust - free room. First of all, we take out the cotton; transfer the smashed original fungus strains into the mushroom growing bag. Once it's done make sure we put the cotton back to the bag. The propagation need to be done in dust and bacterial free environment in order to ensure the quality.

7. Growing room
While waiting for the fungus grow we need to place the mushroom growing bag for a while. Once the hyphae are mature, we have to move the mushroom growing bag into the growing room in order to cultivate the mushrooms. The cultivation requires in an adequate environment such as temperature, humidity and sunshine.

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