Mushroom Grow Bag

Disposing and Recycling

Disposing and Recycling

    Mushrooms mainly are growing in wood, straw or organic material in the early age in Taiwan. As the production technique is improving, the mushroom growing bag by using the wood dust is successfully enlarging the production per unit square feet. Moreover, reduce the cost. However, the used wood dust bag was not disposed properly; the disposing had caused serious environment pollution and wasting. The Agriculture and Forestry Department helps mushroom hub areas such as Buli, Xin She, Yuchi,Guo Xing to recycle the wood dust bag. They combine the wood dust that contains organic material with poultry stool, peanut Meal, rice bran...etc to ferment via bacterial. The recycling had turned the decomposed material into high quality organic compost. The recycled bag not only giving back the rich cultivating lands and increasing the usage of lands.

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