Ganoderma Lingzhi



Ganodermalingzhi is a well-known name. In this big family, there is various kind of lingzhi. In the ancient time, lingzhi was assorted to six types roughly; they were Ganodermalucidum, Ganodermasinense, Huang Lingzhi, Bai Lingzhi, HeiLingzhi, and Green Lingzhi so called six lingzhi. The healthy food we grow the most is from GanodermaLucidum. Modern science assorted the Ganodermalingzhi in even more subdivision. According to the academic reports from all over the countries, there are nearly 200 kinds Ganodermalingzhi. The Dictionary of the fungi shows there are 113 kinds under the Ganodermtaceac. The ecological distribution in Asia, America, Australia and Africa. Mainly distributed in tropical, subtropical, only few found in warm temperature zone. South east, south west of Mainland China including Taiwan is the place where the combination of tropical and subtropical. It's in good condition to grow lingzhi. The most cultivated and researched is the Ganodermalucidum. If we analyze the Ganodermalucidum with science method, we found it contains Polysaccaride, Organogermanium, Adenosine and Triterpenoids which helps to build up the body health. The national lingzhi seminar in 1996 reported the extract of lingzhi can activate the heart cell, restrain HCV, the virus from HIV that generates the functional enzyme.

The research found that polysaccharide from lingzhi can help human immune cells to secrete hormone. The more polysaccharide the more hormone. The ratio is even high up to ten times. Cytokines is secreted by the polysaccharide. Cytokines is the key while immunization occurred in lymphocytes and macrophage. It's the defend for human body to prevent the virus. If we stimulate immune cells with polysaccharide, it will restrain the tumor cells greatly after secreting the hormone.

With new technique to extract, we found that triterpenoids work the best in helping health activation in liver. It was used to be the easiest lost material while cooking. The Ganodeeric acid was hardly used. It's very rare and precious, but now can be extracted successfully.

Enhancing the capability of blood absorb oxygen. The more oxygen the blood absorb, the better body metabolism. It can rich up the body energy.

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