Ganoderma Lingzhi

Mycelium vs. Sporocarp

Mycelium vs. Sporocarp

Cultivation feature in liquid in solid
Cultivation time 2-3 weeks 4-6 months
Useful ingredient mycelium sporocarp
Advantage growing fast High economic Low cost

1. Completed ingredient
2. Nutrients spread equally in entire G.lingzhi
3. producing high polymer Polysaccharides nutrition of G.lingzhi
4. with completed Triterpenoids which makes the G.lingzhi taste bitter


2. incompleted nutrients, the Polysaccarides growing slowly Actually comes from the cultivating liquid while growing G.lingzhi mycelium. Polysaccharides of starch and sugar, in fact, only existing outside of the Polysaccharides body but not the inner.
3. The G.lingzhi ingredient from this mycelium is the worst.

high cost
growing slowly
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